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For corporate clients, a link is sent to your HR for on line registration. For Retail client, a link is sent directly to you for on line registration.
SUNU Health Mobile App provides you with a digital means of identification which enables you access to medical care at your chosen provider.
Yes, each dependant can download the SUNU Health Mobile App from Google Play Store on a smart phone after policy activation. It will provide each registered dependant with a digital means of identification.
Please be informed that you are not to make any payment for a benefit covered in your health plan. Please kindly contact MHS Contact Centre or your client service officer as stated above.
Simply choose the desired provider for your family members from the drop down during registration of dependants.
Yes, only if the hospital is registered in the SUNU Health network.

Yes. You can use the Find Provider section in the Mobile App and use location as a search criterion to select the nearest hospital. A map appears with directions to the hospital.

You can can use book hospital appointment option in the Mobile App to book your visit to the hospital.

You can also contact our 24/7 Contact Centre as stated above.

No, the premium paid for you becomes part of a pool of funds to provide medical care to members of the group who need it.
After you complete and submit your on line registration, your registration will be reviewed and if valid, your policy activated. You will get a notification acknowledging your registration and confirming your policy activation. The notification will contain your username (your policy number) and a system generated password with which you can log in to the SUNU Health Mobile App. Private enrollees should select the ‘private’ option when logging in. You can download the SUNU Health Mobile App from Google Play Store on your smart phone for free. For security purpose, change your password immediately you log in.
Simply log into our enrollee portal on MC Solutio via this link: https://www.mcsolutio.com/mhs/enrollees. Click on the Add Dependant feature on the left side of the page and complete the fields accordingly.
Please do not leave the hospital without contacting MHS through:
A) Our 24/7 Contact Centre on 070010008000, info@mhshmo.com or WhatsApp 0807992600 (See the Customer care section in the Mobile App)
B) Phone call, text message or email to the client service officer assigned to your organization.
The SUNU Health Enrollee Mobile App empowers you to change your hospital. Simply go the change of provider section and follow the steps.
Please use the Feedback section in the SUNU Health Mobile App Or contact us through our 24/7 Contact Centre as stated above
Get treated in the nearest hospital and notify SUNU Health within 48hrs of occurrence.
There are options for payment for additional dependants. Please contact your Client Service officer for the details.

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