Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is SUNU Health and what do they do?

SUNU Health is a National Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), accredited by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), a member of the SUNU group with its presence in over seventeen African countries. We provide managed care and health insurance services to individuals, corporate bodies, schools, multi nationals, trade unions and associations through our accredited network of providers.

How do I purchase SUNU Health Plan?

Kindly click on select health plan and choose a plan that works for you

What happens after I purchased SUNU Health Plan?

You will receive a welcome email introducing your account manager. You are also advised to log in to our mobile App where you will be able to view all information regarding your policy including your digital id card. Your physical identity card will be dispatched to you also.

Can I cancel my subscription after payment and be refunded?

We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel your policy which is still active.

Kindly contact us on 070010008000 to discuss further. However, premium paid on active policy cannot be refunded.

Can your generic plans be tailored further?

Yes. Our generic plans can be customized according to your budget.

How do I know my policy number and benefits?

Your Policy is clearly written on your physical id card, alternatively, you can log into SUNU health Mobile App to view your digital id card and approved benefits.

What is the process of replacing missing physical identity cards?

Kindly reach out to your account manager who will assist in replacing lost identity card. However, you are required to pay replacement fee of N1,000.00.

What happens if hospital informed me at the point of accessing medical care that services I require is not covered under my package?

Kindly confirm information on SUNU Health mobile app or call SUNU Health contact centre on 070010008000 for clarification.

How many people does family plan cover?

The family plan covers principal, spouse and four children under the age of 21 years.

Which services require Pre-authorization?

All services outside the General Practitioner consult require Pre-Authorization code. thus, services such as dental and Optical care, complex investigations and surgeries require Pre-Authorization code and this can be tracked via the Mobile App.

How often can I change my Primary Care Provider?

You are allowed to change your Primary Care Provider once a month and the change will be effected from the 1st day of the subsequent month.

What happens in the case of emergency?

In the case of an emergency, you are expected to use any nearest facility but we advise you get in touch with us within 24 hours to enable us coordinate your care and ensure you are being treated as expected.

Do you run periodic sensitization for your enrollees after subscription?

Yes. We carry out compulsory enlightenment campaign for all our subscribers on how the scheme works.

What are your Channels of Communication?

Our automated 24 hours contact center is 070010008000.


WhatsApp: 08079992600

SMS: 09066667323





Hospitals keeps treating us in an ill manner owing to the fact that you guys have not paid them when we have paid you guys

Hospitals are being paid according to agreed tariff having submitted their claims within our payment cycle. However, kindly contact our call center on 07001000800 if you are having difficulties while trying to access medical care.

How often can I visit the hospital?

As much as care is required.

Whenever i go to the hospital, they never run a test before treatment even when I request for it.

Test may not always be the best option. treatment by signs and symptoms is also a standard process for medical treatment. However, you can contact our call center to guide you accordingly.

I have been waiting at the hospital for over an hour with no response to the hospital's request.

Kindly note that you may reach out to the SUNU Health contact Centre either via phone call, text messages, email and WhatsApp. You may also make use of our mobile app to see response real time.

How wide is your provider Network?

We have over 2,000 providers comprising of primary, secondary and tertiary facilities in Nigeria and in selected African countries.

Can I make use of a hospital outside your network?

No you may not. However, you may be allowed provided we do not have presence within 2km driving from where you are and we were duly informed.

What happens if the hospital says my name is not on the list or if I am having difficulties trying to access medical care at my chosen hospital.

Immediately contact us on 07001000800 or quickly lodge complaint on our mobile App. This must be done whilst at the hospital to ensure prompt resolution.